Abvhiael StuartFounder & CEO

Areas of Expertise
  • Blockchain Protocol Development
  • dApp Development
  • Smart Contracts
  • Research & Development
  • Cryptocurrency Marketing
  • BSC Anthropology, University of Calgary

Mr. Stuart has been working within the cryptocurrency industry since 2013, and has worked on the development of SOILcoin, AMYgws, and GAY Money. A self-confessed crytpocurrency futurist and EVM maximalist, Mr. Stuart is constantly researching new uses for the blockchain and how to adapt existing open-source projects for the cannabis industry, and more importantly, how to arrange practical and hands-off philanthropy by doing so.

In five years, blockchain technology will be integrated into every aspect of our lives, most of the time without us knowing it. I want to do the same thing with charity. We can all GIVE, just by interacting with the apps on PUFFScoin, without knowing. Its trust in a different way, you buy a bong from our online store, you buy a Dopemon on the blockchain, that transaction fee you paid to record your purchase on the blockchain… thats helping vets. Every time.

Abvhiael was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. He served as a member of the Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry during the UN-PROFOR mission to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and then attended the University of Calgary earning a B-Sc in Archaeology, with a focus on Pre-contact Great Plains cultures. Like many who served in combat situations, Mr. Stuart experienced acute PTSD stemming from his experiences in the Balkans, and spent nearly 15 years in a self-imposed isolation not dealing with it very well. Developing epilepsy seven years ago, “Abel” experienced four to five grand mal seizures a day, until 2016 when he was finally granted a prescription to medical cannabis. Not quite seizure-free, his quality of life has improved drastically, thanks to medical cannabis.

Determined to make a lasting difference, to help other vets simply COPE with the day, is the primary drive for PUFFScoin and Mr. Stuart. A massive surfeit was created when the federal government clawed back the quantity of medicine they would reimburse to veterans undergoing cannabinoid therapy. Rather than wait for bureacracy to fix this mistake, knowing how many lives delay could cost, the idea for PUFFScoin was born.

“Talking with a friend, someone Id served with, who kept me calm when Id been injured, and he’d been having a bad day recently. Wanted to get out on his bike and just GO. BUT. Landmines in the front lawn, he was terrified they were there, even though he knew otherwise, it was easier to go into the basement that day instead. I want to change that. I want to make sure someone like Gunny, EVERYONE like Gunny, who uses cannabis to deal with everything they went thru, that they have what they need, not what some faceless bureaucratic government shill of a doctor says should be enough for ANYONE. It isnt.”